The Illusion of Life, What is Life, and Wishing on a Star


The Illusion of Life

The shadow of a person once filled with joy

moves robotically throughout the day

yearning for the sun to go down

so it will tuck the shadow away.

Look at the eyes that have lost their spark

and you will, most certainly, find,

a spirit and soul that have long ago passed

leaving just a body behind.

Listen to the sound of the broken heart

that has been shattered by lies and deceit.

Hear the echo from the emptiness

resounding to silence the beat.

Now your eyes must have deceived you

if you think that you’ve seen life

in the woman who has lost her child

or the man who lost his wife.

So when the sun begins to rise

and you’re blinded by the glare,

don’t be fooled by the illusion

that a happy person is standing there.

——————————————————–Honey Halley——————

Wishing on a Star

The stars may brighten up the skies

and put a twinkle in our eyes

but they cannot make wishes come true

they leave that up to me and you.

While reflecting our faces in the streams

they listen to our hopes and dreams

yet, they cannot change the way we feel

or turn infatuation into love that is real.

So don’t be discouraged when things go wrong.

Hold your head high and try to be strong.

Remember that someone loves you as you are

and it has nothing to do with a wish on a star.

Maybe we’re wishing for all the wrong things

we should open our hearts and see what love brings.

There’s so much we have to be grateful for

instead we’re too busy out wishing for more.

We should thank the wonderful Lord up above

for the beginning when we had unselfish love.

And maybe somewhere in our destiny

it will all come back to you and me.

———————————Honey Halley———

What is Life?

Is it part of our body

Or part of our soul?

Is it trapped deep within us

Or is it our ultimate goal?

Does it consist of our spirit

Or is it its own entity?

Does it imprison our feelings

Or does it set them all free?

Can it cause us to reason

Or make up our mind?

Can it expand on our vision

Or can it make us all blind?

Will we consider it our enemy

Or confirm it our friend?

Will it last through eternity

                                                                    Or will it come to an end?                                          Honey Halley


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