Memory Tree, and A Better Place – Poetry

  •                               – Honey Halley –



Memory Tree – A Poem To Mom

I planted a tree for you today

Laid down in the green grass to watch it grow.

And as I waited and watched anxiously

My memories began to flow.

I remembered being a toddler

looking up to your loving, smiling face.

Your gown was pale pink chiffon.

It’s borders ~ chantilly lace.

As the sun shone softly through it,

You took me by the hand.

And of all the moments of my life

I have yet to feel so grand.

Once we were stuck in an elevator

with a skinny, blonde girl who wanted to die.

That was the day I learned compassion for others

As I watched the tears stream from your eye.

And then there were my pre-teen years

When I wished my world would end

You rubbed my temples with my head in your lap

Until I knew that I had a friend.

Never in a million years

did I ever expect you to learn how to drive

But when we rode around singing in your little, brown Pinto

ne’er have I ever felt so alive.

I remember packing up that car

and heading off to some sunny beach

and knowing without the slightest doubt

that all my dreams were within reach.

Suddenly, the north wind picks up

Tiny leaves swallow back into the earth.

And it occurs to me that they will never be far

From the tree that gave them birth.

A Better Place

Our world could be a much better place

Somewhat like it once was

If everyone took extra care

In what one says and does.

When the message we instill

Is one of acceptance and of love

When we treat everybody we meet

As a gift from God above

When every child has a friend

Or two or three or four

When we’re so happy with what we have

We could not ask for more

When children learn the joy of giving

Or at least how not to take and take and take

When we see through what meets the eye

To the heart we should not break

Our world could be a much better place

If we each made it our personal goal

To treat everyone for who they are

A shiny piece of our own soul.


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