You’re Voting for Who? What’s Wrong with You?

Hillary Clinton Supporters vs. Donald Trump Supporters24397320205_bffeb97d49_b1

Losing respect for family, friends, and others during the presidential campaign

Never before has the fight for presidency stirred up more animosity between family and friends. In the past, the majority of people let the candidates duke it out in debates and advertisements. For the most part, people respected the right of the voter to draw their own conclusions and place their bet, so to speak. However, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have widened the ring. What originated as a good, honest fight between two contestants looks more like a bar room brawl. Republicans and Democrats jump in the fight and throw punches, not only at the candidates, but also, at each other. Many of these punches disguised as memes, articles, and comments pack insults and accusations, as well as, lies and innuendos. The chaos that ensues leaves America torn apart and many Americans wounded by the words of people they care about.

Like any bar room brawl, the participant’s throw punches without giving any thought to the people they land on. There’s an unspoken expectation that anyone in the room is fair game. In the thick of the moment, they come out swinging with hardly a hope that they won’t hit someone they hold dear. When a friend or a family member shares an article or a meme or makes a comment that insults an entire political party, they are, in essence, insulting every individual who identifies with that political party. That stings. It stings because most people expect the people they hold dear to respect who they are even if they don’t agree on everything. Insults serve no purpose. They rarely change a person’s views of another person; however, they may change a person’s view of the person dishing them out. At the end of the day, bar fight or social media site, everyone ends up battered and nobody wins.

Let’s take this fight back to the ring. Let Hillary and Donald duke it out while we jump up and down from our spectator seats rooting them on. We don’t need to fight with our opponents in the stands or the people who identify with our opposing political party. Let your fears subside because they won’t change the outcome. A wise woman once sang, “Que Sera, Sera;, whatever will be, will be.” We’re Americans; we will rise above all this.

Never let your guard down because just when you think you’re safe someone throws a sucker punch.

May the best woman win!


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